Mass mail Sending

The direct mail function allows the sending of a large number of postal letters


Time saving

No more going back and forth with the provider. 2 to 4 hours saved to prepare the shipment.

At once

View the mailing instantly for confirmation of sending: it’s going!

Up to 60% discount

According to the volume of sending and the frequency of sending



No need to subscribe to send mail


You can benefit from reduced rates on the service, by choosing one of our subscription formulas or by taking a pack


An email will be generated with the coordinates of each recipient, but that’s not all: it is also possible to personalize the content of your email with data related to your activity! You can for example repeat the name of the recipient in the header and signature, insert a reference, an amount, a date …


You can specify a reference for each mail, and find this reference in the mail tracking. If it is a registered letter, this reference will be inserted in a bar code present on the acknowledgment of receipt, which will allow you to follow up on each registered letter.

Send a mail merge
Fast & easy

To prepare

Submit a .docX template file with optionally merge fields and an Excel or CSV data / address file. In 5 minutes, 1000 letters are ready to be sent.


Get the cost of sending and samples of the mail. If everything is good, all you have to do is confirm and settle.

Direct mail sent

The direct mail will be sent within one hour after confirmation of the payment.