Digital safe

Availability of documents in an electronic safe

Outsourced management of your files whatever their nature, volume or frequency and with restitution of production progress data


  • Secure document transfers
  • Transfer of dematerialized documents in PDF format with their associated metadata and electronic signature into the individual electronic safe.
  • On first use, a user login and a provisional password are transmitted to the user, who can then change this password.
  • Each time documents are made available, a notification email is sent.
  • Indexing according to your choices : shelf life, document typology, search criteria, etc.
  • Beyond the online consultation of his documents, with the possibility of multi-criteria searches based on defined elements such as dates, contract number, etc., the user benefiting from the safe can download, print, or send by email.
  • Storage of documents in conditions that guarantee their integrity, durability and security throughout their lifetime – in accordance with current legislation


  • Easily make personal documents available to your stakeholders : customers, suppliers, members, employees, internal services
  • The documents filed acquire an incontestable legal value, admissible before the courts


  • 100% integrated solution with all XIPE services
  • Safe accessible 24/7 from all types of terminals: desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone