For the last ten years, XIPE has successfully proposed ways to send and manage outgoing documents

Postal Service

XIPE has developed Service Postal solutions for sending simple or registered letters online.

Your mail is then: printed, folded, put in envelope, addressed, stamped and deposited in a postal sorting center…

Then delivered to its recipient like any letter by La Poste !

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Postal Mail API

Integrate the sending of mail by API in your processes.
Send mail by post in a few lines of code from a simple and modern API.

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Mass mail Sending

XIPE team has also developed an efficient tool which allows users to send a large number of postal letters easily. Mass mail Sending function is acclaimed by our customers. Available 24 hours a day, users can send a large number of letters on their own with a few clicks from a Word template and an Excel file.

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We are actively working on a new project.

We will be able to say more in the course of 2023…

With XIPE, you get solutions for sending and managing outgoing documents with multiple benefits like :

  • dematerialize and distribute electronic documents in PDF format or enriched from a 100% integrated and standardized module
  • send outsourced mail easily always accessible in real time
  • store your documents in a secured platform by an electronic archiving system complying with legal requirements to improve productivity
  • benefit from an individual electronic safe that you can make available to your customers and suppliers.